Introducing Daniel McCarthy for Travis County Judge

    I believe that nobody knows how to spend your money better than you. And if you decide to collectivize and pool that money for better local transportation, more equitable justice and a booming economy then it damn well better be managed correctly. 

That is why I am running for Travis County Judge - Accountable, responsible stewardship of the County.

  • Grew up next door in Dripping Springs. 
  • Graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science.  
  • A proud homeowner in South Austin. 
  • I have lived and worked in Austin now for my whole professional career.  
  • I ran for mayor in San Marcos in 2008, and got 20% of the vote with only $200 spent. I beat my opponents in the votes/dollar metric by 200 to 1.* I know how to stretch a dollar. 

* "But diminishing returns" you might say, "no way that would have held up as he spent more."Sure, but even a $1,000 spend with 33% lower incremental returns per $200 just might have put me over the 50% mark. Contrast that with my opponent who spent $100,000 to get just 50.08%. That's what we're up against in government - a fundamental lack of understanding of how best to use your dollars.